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In 2113, not quite a year after MIDAS was "disposed" of, a brilliant scientist named Hiro Kimada was assigned the task of disposing of any other MIDAS material in order to completely rid the world of MIDAS. Unfortunately the ones who hired him were the DHZ. However in his searching for old material on MIDAS to dispose of, he found the blueprints of an unknown scientist or scientists codenamed MIDAS NEGATIVE. MIDAS-N as it was called was the previous model of MIDAS that the original development team scrapped. An unknown scientist saved these blueprints secretly until they were discovered by Hiro Kimada. Dr.Kimada, intrigued by MIDAS-N, showed this to the DHZ who immediately took interest and started piecing together a research team. However, scientists working for the DHZ became fearful of a second MIDAS and sent word of MIDAS-N to the OCU and USN. The corrupt OCU immediately sought after MIDAS-N and engaged in minor skirmishes with the DHZ because of discovered recon units. All the while the USN stood at the ready. The DHZ, fearing that Dr.Kimada would be found, hastly detached a large unit of wanzers to escort Dr.Kimada into a small cluster of third world nations known as Gazat comprised of nations mainly in the middle east. Dr.Kimada could easily be hid and there would be no massive assaults by the OCU or USN because of the neutral nations Dr.Kimada was in. The DHZ also built up trust with Gazat by giving them supplies and forming people's militias to fight for them. The OCU sent a small army into Gazat to look for Dr.Kimada and the USN in order to regulate this activity sent a group of wanzers around Gazat. Before long the DHZ discovered the OCU and major battles broke out all over Gazat.  The USN moved in swiftly but half of their Wanzers were taken out in a fierce battle with the OCU but they managed to regroup and setup mobile bases around Gazat. Because of the confidentiality of MIDAS-N, all the major powers tried to keep the battles in Gazat as secretive as possible. Because of this they aren't any major reinforcements or supplies being sent in to aid the fighting in Gazat and the three major world powers are deadlocked in a silent war. The world is on the verge of a war and they don't even know it.


DHZ: The DHZ are well dug into Gazat. They have the most men and wanzers but most are inexperienced. The DHZ are mainly defense and protect many areas. They are fighting heavily with the OCU but only minor skirmishes have broke out between them and the USN.

OCU: The OCU have many mobile bases around Gazat and they have some of the best weaponry and mechanics available. They are mainly aggressive and attack the DHZ as much as possible. They have had few encounters with the USN but the battles were major.

USN: The USN have low supplies and few men. The wanzers they have left are the best around Gazat and most of the men are experienced pilots. The USN are spread out all around Gazat and they have no real major bases. They have engaged with the DHZ and OCU but mainly stick to more special missions opposed to big battles. They have an advantage in tactics and guerilla tactics.