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In Front Mission RPG combat is an essential part of it. I will explain the rules of combat as best I know right now. This is more or less of a rough version and it will most likely be updated. There are also the most of the other rules here too.

RULES: Combat is chat based and can be quite complicated so I hope these aren't to confusing. In order to do any type of action you must start the sentence with a * and end it with a * and to talk you must start your sentence with a " and end it with a ". All combat takes place in ROUNDS. In each round everyone gets a turn the person who engages first goes first. After everyone has had a turn a new round begins. The order of who goes first starts all over again except the person who went last cannot go first the next round.


First, to begin an attack you must engage your opponent. First of all you need to know at what range (distance) you want to engage him at. All weapons have a range and they can only be fired at that range or closer. The three ranges are CLOSE(fear fists and flamethrowers), MID(shotguns and machineguns) and LONG(rifles and missiles). Let's pretend you had a shotgun which is MID range and your opponent is called Joe. you want to engage him at mid range so you would type: 

*engage Joe MID*

After you have engaged him you must aim at him but first you should know the weapon abbreviations: FEAR FIST=FF, FLAMETHROWER=FL, SHOTGUN=SG, MACHINEGUN=MG, RIFLE=RF and MISSILE=MS. Now knowing this, in order to aim you would type:

*target SG*

Because it is MID range that is a distance of 3 so you would have to type 1 then 2 then 3 and to fire your weapon you would type OPEN FIRE the whole attack would look like this:

*engage Joe MID*

*target SG*





That is all you would have to type. If you wanted to engage Joe at CLOSE range with your shotgun you would only have to type 1then 2 then OPEN FIRE. NOTE: Upgrades improve your abilities but I will go into that later. This is attack is assuming the defender doesn't block, dodge or counterattack but I will go into that next.


Defensive moves are always done after the attacker engages. You can start any defensive movement after the attacker types the engage command and the defensive movement is successful if it is finished before the attacker types "OPEN FIRE". You have three options, you can BLOCK an attack which absorbs the impact of a hit until the shield is destroyed and it is easy to do but you must have a shield equipped. To block you would type:

*block Joe*

then after you have done that you would type:

*absorb shield*

this would be like your wanzer bringing up its shield and getting ready. A second option is to DODGE an attack. It is harder than a block but not too hard. After an attacker engages you would type:

*sidestep Joe*

after that is typed you would then choose to which side you would like to sidestep so you would type:

*to left* or *to right*

after you chose which side you will then type:

*dodge now*

that would complete the dodging process so in full it would look like:

*sidestep Joe*

*to left* or *to right*

*dodge now*

note that if you are attacked with a weapon at long range after you type 1 after *to left* or *to right* so it would be like this:

*sidestep Joe*

*to left* or *to right*


*dodge now*

the the third defensive move and the hardest is the COUNTERATTACK. This is the hardest but the most damaging to the attacker. A counterattack doesn't prevent you from taking damage but it does damage the attacker. I'm still unsure whether to have the counterattack damage simultaneously with the attacker or after the attacker is done but I will have that worked out soon. Well after the attacker engages you would type:

*counterattack Joe*

after you type that you will choose your weapon which in this example is a shotgun so you would type:

*target SG*


you must always type the 1 after you aim that is for MID to CLOSE range but if it was LONG range you would have to type 1 then 2. After you are done that you would type:


so the whole counter attack process would look like this:

*counterattack JOE*

*target SG*



that completes defensive movements. Now after the hits are made you have to have damage and here is and that will be next.


All weapons do a certain amount of damage and here are the stats: NOTE: All starting wanzers have 20hp and it can increase via upgrades but I will explain that later on.

FEAR FIST- 7 damage, a real killer on the field but it is a SHORT range only weapon with no real special features.

FLAMETHROWER- the flamethrower is unique it does 4 damage the turn it attacks and because of its heat it automatically does 2 damage to the enemy wanzer next round.

SHOTGUN- 4 damage, the shotgun because of it's spread will always do 2 damage. A good novice weapon.

MACHINEGUN- 5 damage, although better than a shotgun the machinegun has trouble firing at air targets and personnel targets.

RIFLE- 6 damage, the rifle is a powerhouse but it only does 6 damage at long range because the bullet gains speed and velocity otherwise if fired at MID or CLOSE range it will do 4 damage.

MISSILE- 7 damage, this is a LONG or MID range devastator. Missile packs can only hold 6 missiles so you have to buy a reload missiles item to reload your launcher on the fly. The missile launcher cannot attack at CLOSE range.

ROCKET- 4 damage, this can only be carried by personnel or infantry units meaning men outside of wanzers can use them including you if feel daring. They can only hold 4 rockets so you can attack 4 times with it before you will need to use a reload missile item to get back in the action.

AW RIFLE- 3 damage, "ANTI WANZER RIFLE" this is a personnel or infantry weapon it's four feet long and fires high powered bullets capable of penetrating a wanzer's armor.

MINIGUN- 2 damage, this automatic rifle is commonly used by ground forces and in times of desperation small groups of men have fired these at wanzers and you get enough minigun going off at one wanzer and it can be a real suprise.

PISTOL- 1 damage, everybody has a pistol including wanzer pilots. The come holstered in their belt. They are versatile but do little against a wanzer.

That is it for the damage section. The amount of damage a weapon can do can be modified by PILOT SKILL (except for personnel weapons) so I'll cover this next.


All pilots have a skill in a certain weapon. A pilot starts out with one pilot skill in a certain weapon this would be a B rating. B ratings don't modify the damage they just mean the pilot does the same damage as the weapon states. All the ratings are A,B,C,D,E,F and S. Every time you get enough experience your rating goes up a letter and that increases the damage a specific weapon can do by +!. Except the A rating is what a pilot has in every weapon before he brings up his skill in it. The A rating for a weapon means the pilots decreases the amount of damage a weapon does by -1. F is the highest a weapon rating as far as damge can go. If you have and F rating with a shotgun that means that it would do an extra 4 damage to it's base rating of 4 making 8 damage with a shotgun ouch!. All the S rating means is that you mastered the weapon and if you choose to start using another weapon and bring up you pilot skill with it, it will start at B. You can only increase your rating with a weapon with experience and only if you are using it. Next I will cover experience.


Experience is required to increase your PILOT SKILL so you can increase your rating with a weapon. Experience can be acquired a few ways. The first and most main way to gain experience is to destroy an enemy wanzer. Another way is to complete a mission. You will be given missions in Front Mission RPG and a certain amount of experience will be given for successfully completing it. Another way is to destroy a base, I will discuss how this works later on but let's just say you will get a ton of experience for destroying one of these suckers, depending on it's defenses as well. Now if you kill a personnel or infantry unit or any other people you won't get experience simply because it is too easy, even if that person you are fire at is smoking you off with a rocket launcher from the trees. Now I will tell you how much experience you get for tasks and how much you need to increase a pilot skill.

destroying a wanzer- 5 exp

destroying a base- at least 20 exp and it can move up

completing a mission- at least 10 and it will most likely move up

destroying a tank or helicopter- 5 exp

Now I will explain how much you need for a certain rating. This is assuming your experience goes back to 0 every time you increase to a new rating.

A rating to B rating- 25exp

B to C- 50exp

C to D- 125exp

D to E- 200exp

E to F- 400exp

F to S- 100000000exp just kidding, 500exp

Now after you killed all those things don't you get money? Well let me answer that next.


Money plays a key role in Front Mission RPG and you will need it in order to buy new things like upgrades and such. Now you can get money in a few ways, you can destroy wanzers, tanks, planes, bases and complete missions. I will describe the amount of dough you get for these tasks now.



DESTROYING BASES- At least $2000 and it can move up depending on the base.

COMPLETING A MISSION- It vary from $100 and up.

KILLING A WANZER PILOT- What? You can kill the pilots? Yes you can and you'll be awarded $250

Now that I've mentioned kill pilots I'll explain how.


Pilots can take damage a few ways and I will explain how here.

Pilot is hit 5 times in a row before he attacks- 1 damage

Pilot completes no defensive move when attacked by a flamethrower- 1 damage

A base is destroyed and a pilot and wanzer are in there- 4 damage

A pilot and his wanzer are on a transport and it is destroyed- 3 damage

A pilot's wanzer is destroyed- 3 damage

Pilot is hit three times in a row by a rifle or missile- 1 damage

That's all unless a mission has some special rule to it. All pilots have 5hp and they die when it reaches 0. When a pilot dies, he cannot actually fight in combat in Front Mission RPG for 5 days while he heals unless you are on the DHZ in which case it only take 3 days. Once a pilot has 1hp left he has to get out of his wanzer. I will explain this next.


When a pilot has 1hp left he must get out of his wanzer or if a pilot is taking heavy fire and what's to get the hell out before his Wanzer explodes or he surrenders or what ever it may be he has to type:


that is so the power shuts off on the wanzer and the pilot can get out. After this you would type:


And that is all you need to do. Once a pilot is out of his Wanzer he has 2hp unless it was at 1hp when he ejected. This is because the life support systems in a wanzer bring up a pilots hp while he's in it. Next I will describe bases.


All over Gazat there are either bases or camps set up. All pilots must stay in bases when they log off and bases provide repairs for wanzers and medical attention for wounded pilots. Bases also house infantry, tanks and planes. Bases are defended by turrets (abreviation is TR) which fire at CLOSE to LONG range. All the turrets fire high powered bullets and each one does 5 damage they also have 10hp. If a base is attacked the it can counterattack and this works just like a wanzer defending. So after thr attacker engages the defender would type:

*counterattack Joe*

*target TR*



Remember if counterattacking at long range you have to type 1then 2. Treat all turrets as seperate units, i.e. If a base has 6 turrets label them like Turret1, Turret2, etc.. Turrets can only be killed one at a time though. At the start of the game someone will be assigned to control the base as well so they can type in what the turrets do. Once all the turrets are destroyed can destroy the base. To do that you would just attack it like you were attacking an enemy wanzer. Bases can have 100hp to 500hp depending how nice it is. So bases can take a long time to destroy. Once a base is destroyed the area it covers can no longer repair wanzers and heal the wounded so they have to go elsewhere. Next I will describe upgrades.


Upgrades improve a wanzer's performance. They all have certain levels and costs. Go to the the shop and see what they do. Upgrades mainly decrease the amount of typing but many other things too.


After every major combat or whenever you log off as long as there is a base in your area, your wanzer will be reapaired and all weapons reloaded. During a game, if you are near a base you can simply go in it and reload or repair.


Well certain people called Admins keeptrack of the battles and damage and at the end they e-mail all the exp gained, the money gained and major things like a wanzer, pilot or base being destroyed. Jed, the founder is the only admin but we need plenty more so if you would like to sign up e-mail me at